3D Garth Finalized!


So after an EXTREMELY long process our buddy Garth has his 3 dimensional form finalized. I am so happy to be at this point. It took so many emails, time, and so much money. Zig's 3D printing really did a great job staying with me through the entire process. There are two freelance artists from Upwork that I want to specifically shout out for helping me get to this point. Without either of them I wouldn't be here and for that I am forever grateful. It took like6 different prints before I finally got it right. In hindsight...lol I should've waited before sending anything to print but such is the life of learning!

Firstly, thank you to Mitchell Wierenga. Mitchell is the owner of Masterwork Studio on Upwork. Masterwork Studio specializes in 3D Characters, animations, game assets, training videos, game development (Unity & Unreal), virtual websites, and more. Mitchell helped me with tweaking the Garth design a bit early in the process. He really shined through when I needed help with fixing a technical issue when preparing the finalized STLs for print. Without him, I literally would have no idea what to do or where to start on my own. He is an amazing person with a great heart and is excited to help others. I highly recommend going to Mitchell on Upwork for any of your design related needs. Actually, Mitchell helped set up a short video call with one of his colleagues to teach me some simple functions in Photoshop that I was having trouble with learning on my own. Mitchell and his team will always be an integral piece to my success now and in the future. You can view his information here:

Secondly, thank you to Jordan Evans from Upwork. She is AMAZING. Jordan is a 2D/3D Artist. Literally, Garth in his finalized 3D form would not exist if it wasn't for her. I had so much trouble finding a 3D artist that understood what I meant by "make it cute" and Jordan understood the assignment right away. She was so nice to communicate with. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be currently active on Upwork at this time, but I still recommend reaching out to her on Upwork for 3D modeling and concept art. Jordan is a gem! You can view her profile page here: 

Now that we are finally here I can begin on my next projects with Garth's completed form. I can't wait to show ya'll what's up next! 

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