Bringing Garth into the 3D

Hello! I have begun the process of getting Garth some volume. I had Garth go from 2D to 3D with help from Zig's 3D Printing, check out their website and Instagram page!

This is definitely the V1 of his journey but I don't see there being much work left to finalize him. I am undecided if I will have him in this standing position without a base. He is suprisingly pretty balanced but he could do with a slight enlargement of his legs/feet. I envision him standing on a hockey puck platform with Garth across the side. Kinda like a Vault-Tec Boy.

I had Zig's 3D Printing create a sitting version since I think that would be the most practial and natural really. Though, we weren't able to connect on vision and I think that the sitting version needs to be tweaked alot more. If you look closely you can see that his chest shell is much smaller than the standing version. I asked Zig's to correct this multiple times but I don't think they were able to understand what I was asking for. That's okay! Next up is to find a 3D designer who can make some small manipulations to both versions and create the hockey puck base. I could go back to Zig's but I think it would be best to find someone who I can connect with easier. That is not to say that Zig's was not responsive or helpful. Frankly, the back and forth was created primarily by me as I was sitting with decisons for a long time. 

But yea. I would definetly recommend Zig's 3D Printing to bring one of your 2D drawings to life! It is really fun and they are extremely capable of all levels of detail. The price was fair and they send you a print + give you the STL(3D Print File) to use for future projects. Amazing starting point!!

Can't wait to show you all what I have planned next with this! Until then, have a great day and all that bye

- garth

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