First Timer Orientation

If you're new here this post is to give you a breakdown on what's even going on here with this Gareth Garlend project. 

What you'll get from me here:

1. Information 

I make blog posts and short videos of all the things I make or have made by some other person. This information archive will hopefully inspire someone else to make something of their own! We live in an amazing time where information and opportunity is literally at our finger tips. 

2. Physical Art 

My physical art will come in 2 forms: Handmade | Outsourced


This is literally anything made by my hands. Paintings, scupltures, screen prints, trinkets, knick knacks, doo dads, I mean idk just whatever


Printful items fall under this category. I use them to outsource t-shirt fullfilment. There are a bunch of companies that make really cool things that I could TRY to make on my own but why do that when I can just make something exist and move forward.

3. Digital Art

I don't think I'll ever do NFTs? I mean. Idk. I can't say never but it just doesn't make sense to do it the way it's been done already. Digital art for me is having it available online to view whenever.

The art I make is broken up into 3 different groups:

Garth Signature Series

Drawings that I like enough to color lol. Sometimes there are just black line doodles. 

Doodle Bin

It's all just black line doodles. 


Collection of my shapes and lines


So yeah! That's all the stuff I really ever plan to funnel into this project. Perhaps video/animation art but..that's a ways away. This page is subject to updates at any time.

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