First Vendor Market!

I am SUPER late writing this blog post lol. I did my first vendor market back in October 2023 with Happily Ever Sip and Shop. It actually went really well!! I sold like 3-4 shirts and then a handful of stickers. I also gave away some stickers to some kids cause why not. There was this one little kid who came up with and asked how much a sticker was and I told him 1 dollar. He opens up his little fanny pack and gives me a dollar omggg. I gave that kid an extra sticker it was so cute. I really loved all the interactions that I had with the people of that day. So sweet. 

Here are the only photos I took of my section. I just had one table and hung up some shirts on this metal grid thing. Never ever again tho lol.


Now, for what I learned. Uhm sooo the wind is literally the arch enemy of any vendor at an outdoor market. I did not think about this going into it and wow was it a windy day. It really made for a less than stellar experience for everyone at the event. People's stuff was constantly getting thrown all over the place. One vendor across from me was selling these like tin can things and they tried to tough it out for more than an hour but after the 2nd time their table got blown off they decided to pack it up and call it a day. I wasn't far behind. I was losing my mind with feeling like I had to stay on top of my table to keep everything from moving. So, the thing I realized is that I will neverrrrr display clothing again. Instead, I will be printing out the designs that I am bringing with me that day and hang up a peg board with the images in frames. I'll just keep the clothes in a box ready. Oh dude and I didn't even have any little bags to give to people I was so embarrassed lol. That was immediately added to the list. A couple signs explaining pricing and what I even have to sell will be accompanying me on my next outing. 

Even though things were flying all over the place, I had no packaging, and I wasn't exactly efficient using the Shopify POS yet...I had an amazing time. I learned so much about what I can improve. I cannot wait till my next pop up and to tell you all how it goes! c:

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