IRL Color Swatches


I took the time to take photos of my color palettes in "cloud free sunlight" over the past week. Doing so allows me to provide you all with the most accurate depiction of how the colors on a design will look in real life. I tried my best to calibrate my swatches on Illustrator but sometimes it's just really tough to be accurate. What the colors look like on the screen will vary from screen to screen so I decided that this was the best course of action. 

First, I created a design that would hold the entirety of my color palette on the 12x16 print area that Printful provides for DTG printing on shirts. I printed on both white and black because as you know from my previous post the colors print differently. 

Once I received the shirts from Printful I went ahead and cut out the swatches and laid them out as you see below:

Second, I took photos of each swatch in direct sunlight to get the most IRL look I could get using my phone as a camera:

Then, I uploaded all the images to Photoshop and cropped out what I needed so that I could easily create images of any color way:

I am really happy that I took the time to do this because now I feel more comfortable that anyone who wants to purchase one of my designs will be able to make a decision without worrying too much about how it will actually look in real life. This also takes away the pain of having to order samples of each new design. Now I can just have the digital & and the images of my swatches.

I will create a video explaining this process in the future. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, thank you!


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