"Low Quality" Items!


What I mean by Low Quality

So, what I mean by "Low Quality" items is that I will pick a number of colorways from a recent Printful Item Drop and make those designs available on Gildan 5000 t-shirts. Doing this provides a cheaper alternative for those who wanna save like 10 bucks. The main difference is that you have limited options of colorways to choose from.

Best Quality or Low Quality?

"Best Quality" T Shirt - Comfort Colors 1717

"Low Quality' T Shirt - Gildan 5000

I'd prefer people purchase the Comfort Colors 1717 t-shirt prints because I consider that shirt is the best one available through Printful at this time.

Gildan 5000 vs Bella + Canvas 3001

These are two true classic cotton t-shirts on opposite ends of the feel and stretch spectrum. Personally, I would rather wear the Gildan 5000 because the Bella + Canvas 3001 is too tight around the shoulder and armpit. Though I would say arguably that the Gildan 5000 could be pretty snug around the chest which isn't comfortable to some either.

High Quality & Low Quality Shirt Pricing

Low Quality Items will be marked by an LC in their title.

Best Quality Items will not be marked in any way.

Here is an example: LQ Mercy T Shirt (Cream Soda)

Low Quality will range from $20 - 30

Best Quality will range from $30 - 40

Pricing Breakdowns

If you are interested in seeing my full pricing breakdown of all Adult Printful T Shirts please visit this link!

 I am sharing this information with all of you for two reasons:

1. Transparency

2. Knowledge

Reach out to me anytime at garethgarlend@gmail.com if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to help you out. 

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

- garth

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